Valuation of Companies, Assets and Intangibles

The value of a company or business is marked by the resources it is capable of developing and generate.
That is why it is necessary to analyze the multiple scenarios in which it can be developed as the consequences and probabilities of each of them.
The identification of the most appropriate recovery methodology is the first step to start the process. It is chosen according to the characteristics of the enterprise, the capacity to generate flows and the information available.
  • In the case of companies in operation and with an adequate flow generation, the Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) method is used, which is considered the most acceptable in such cases.
  • Another widely used method is the Comparable Multiples, which is based on financial and functional information from independent companies selected as comparable. Indicators with sales, EBIT, EBITDA, market capitalization, company value, among others, are used to apply this methodology.
  • The Real Options application methodology involves using the technical aspects related to the valuation of real options to a company. Essentially, it can be used when there is uncertainty about the evolution of the business and allows the operational flexibility of an organization and its strategic value to be appreciated.
1 Analysis of the target company.
2 Selection of the most appropriate valuation method(s).
3 Development of valuation models.
4 Application of the results in the target company.
5 Selection of a range of appraisals.
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