Transfer Pricing in Brazil

In Brazil since 2016 we work with our partner True CPA Group Brasil SA consulting firm located in Sao Paulo, providing advice on operations between related parties. 

Although Brazil is the only country in the region that operates outside the OECD guidelines on transfer pricing, there are currently agreements between the Brazilian Treasury and the highest representatives of the OECD, so it is expected that in 2022 Brazil will also be incorporated into the guidelines of Action 13 of the BEPS.

At present we have managed to expand to 19 countries, we work throughout the year – 24/7, backed by a large team of work with multidisciplinary professionals, having the direct membership of international databases such as One Source – Thompson Reuters, Veritrade, Royalty Range and our applications created to reduce the execution times of the operational work and thus achieve more efficiency and optimal quality in the deliverables that we issue to our customers; this coupled with the creation of our App that allows our users to have real-time control of the progress of the work, which leads us to affirm that this represents our strength in this highly specialized service, which is constantly renewed and innovated.

Today we are a global firm specialized in Transfer Pricing whose experience absorbed in each country allows us to understand the environment and needs of all types of companies, regardless of the field, sector or the country in which they are located, generating excellent results at the corporate and economic group level.

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