Legal tax advice

Being properly advised is of vital importance and can undoubtedly condition the outcome of operations. Our commitment to present different alternatives offered by the current regulations, so that they can choose the one that best suits the needs of the company and its shareholders.

To this end, VAG has a great team of highly trained professionals, who are benchmarks in their field and committed to providing personalized, tailor-made and high-level service.

What does our tax legal advice imply?

Most business decisions have tax consequences that must be carefully evaluated. An adequate and timely decision can be significant for the adequate development of your company and to protect the interests of its shareholders, as well as to preserve the wealth of individuals and their families. Our specialized staff will be at your disposal to assist you in making such decisions, seeking to ensure that they have the lowest possible tax cost.

Likewise, our deep knowledge of the financial, associative and business tools used by companies, of the relations between companies and their owners, and of the economic and accounting aspects related to taxation and corporate management, allow us to provide effective legal support in contractual and corporate matters. Our lawyers take advantage of the fact that they belong to an organization with broad know-how in the areas of accounting, finance and business that underlie the corporate and contractual figures.

Why does it matter to have a proper tax legal advice?

A tax legal advice is important because it includes the absolution of the various tax consultations that may arise in the daily course of our clients’ activities, with special emphasis on the fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • Anticipate events or changes in regulations that could affect the tax situation of your company, in order to analyze the impact of the same (including risk identification), and if necessary, plan the measures to be adopted.
  • Permanently inform about the tax rules that are published and review the effects that could generate to the clients. Our clients periodically receive our information products, which contain a brief reference of the legal norms with tax incidence, jurisprudence of the different administrative and judicial bodies.
  • To provide assistance in making business decisions, in order to achieve the lowest tax cost and the lowest level of tax contingency possible. This includes the interpretation of the provisions of contracts and agreements from the tax point of view.

What makes us different?

We offer a comprehensive and practical approach to the diagnosis and design of tax strategies. In this way we can help organizations with local and international presence to plan and fulfill their tax obligations across borders. In addition, we identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their costs, always aligned with the risk profile of the company. Our services simplify the management of your taxes, to help you make better strategic decisions integrated to your business plan.

In addition, we have a staff of professionals with extensive experience in the field of tax and legal advice, who have participated in the development of complex structures that allow clients to meet their tax and legal obligations, generating a lower tax impact within the scope allowed by the regulations. Likewise, we provide timely and creative solutions that add value to our.

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Legal tax advice

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