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Tax Collection by the DGI in June

Tax Collection by the DGI in June

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According to El País, net tax collection reached $33,482 million and grew 12% in real terms compared to the same month of 2020.

The collection determined was made in relation to the following taxes: Value Added Tax (VAT), Impuesto sobre la Renta de Personas Físicas – IRPF (Income Tax of Individuals), Impuesto Específico Interno -IMESI (Internal Specific Tax), and Impuesto a la Renta sobre las Actividades Económicas – IRAE (Income Tax on Economic Activities) for the period of June 2021.

According to the aforementioned platform, the collection for each of the aforementioned taxes is as follows:

VAT revenues from this tax reached $18,218 million in June. Thus, it represented 46.7% of the total gross collection. 

IMESI generated $3,770 million in revenues, representing 9.7% of total gross revenues.

IRPF collection amounted to $6,140 million in June and represented 15.7% of total revenues.

IRAE reached $5.436 million in June, representing 13.9% of total gross revenues.

In this sense, the total gross tax collection of the Dirección General Impositiva – DGI (General Tax Directorate) amounted to $38,990 million in June, i.e., real growth of 9.6%.

According to the DGI, Total Gross Collection in the last 12 year-on-year variations at constant prices was as follows:

According to El Observador, excise taxes were the main source of income for the State Fund with Ch$21,987 million and a growth of 16.1% in the month.

Among them, the VAT and IMESI collections stand out, emphasizing that the real variation for this tax was 67.4% in June, with a strong expansion in fuels, automobiles, and beverages.

Source: El País 05/08/21

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