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Due date of tax obligations

Due date of tax obligations


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By means of Resolution No. 1175/2021, the Dirección General Impositiva – DGI (General Tax Directorate) informed about the due date of tax obligations applicable to NO CEDE Taxpayers (including personal services, individual income tax payments, small business, and others).

1. Payment difficulties

In this case, due to the complications generated by Covid-19, the taxpayers included in the NO CEDE group found it difficult to comply with their obligations on time due to reasons beyond their control.

2. Compliance effect

In this regard, the resolution states that the tax obligations of taxpayers included in the NO CEDE group, due on July 26, 2021, will be considered paid on time made up to July 27, 2021.

Source:  Diario Oficial Sección: Ultimo Momento 04/08/21

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