Virtual Processing Platform

Virtual Processing Platform

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Since August 28, 2020, the Virtual Processing Platform (TRAVI) has been available on the Ministry of Finance’s website so that taxpayers can submit their tax returns to the Tax Administration.

The main purpose of the TRAVI Platform is to enable new service options to the Taxpayer in a virtual way with the objective of avoiding trips to the Tax Administration premises. The virtual procedure is available at the official website of the Ministry of Finance (

How to Enter the TRAVI Platform?

Each taxpayer must create a user, for this purpose, the following must be available:

  • Type of Identification.
  • ID Number.
  • Full Name.
  • Email address.

What does TRAVI Platform Contain?

This platform contains approximately 40 procedures of extensive control, collection, valuation and inspection. Among the main ones are the following:

  • Arrangements for payment and collection.
  • Appraisals – Administrative and Tax Valuations.
  • Change of fiscal period.
  • Request for certifications.
  • Request for proof.
  • Returns – Collection.
  • Request for Account Statements.
  • Retention Factor.
  • Vehicle, Boat and Aircraft Property Tax.
  • Taxes Transfer of Real Estate.
  • Petitions Art 102 CNPT.
  • Complaints – Inspection.
  • Revocation or appeal.
  • Inter-institutional Applications.
  • Taxpayer Service.

Will It be Possible to FOollow up the Virtual Procedure?

The TRAVI Platform will provide the Taxpayer with an application number, so that it can be followed up at any time. Additionally, all the virtual procedures will be saved and available to the Taxpayer.

The TRAVI Platform will help considerably in the accomplishment of the tax procedures in a virtual way allowing to save time and costs to the taxpayers.

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