Tax obligations of taxpayers in Guatemala

Tax obligations of taxpayers in Guatemala

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According to article 112 of the Guatemalan Tax Code, taxpayers in this country have tax obligations which they must comply with.

Compliance with these obligations is important in order to avoid any contingency before the Tax Administration (SAT). For this reason, the purpose of this article is to provide information on the main tax obligations that taxpayers in Guatemala should be aware of.

Tax Obligations

Both taxpayers and responsible parties are obliged to facilitate certain tasks of the Tax Administration, based on its powers of determination, collection and investigation. Therefore, taxpayers must do the following:

  • Keep books and records, in relation to the operations related to taxation.
  • The registration in the records and communication of their modification.
  • Filing tax returns as appropriate.
  • Keep books and records, computer systems and other documents showing compliance with tax obligations.
  • Facilitate the information to the SAT officials, in the inspections or verifications that they carry out.
  • Allow the Tax Administration to observe declarations, reports and vouchers and others related to the fact generating the tax obligation.
  • Appear at the offices of the SAT, if required.

Other Tax Obligations

Article 112 A of the Guatemalan Tax Code states that there are also other tax obligations such as:

  • To keep, during the statute of limitations period, the documents related to the tax obligation.
  • Retain, in the case of taxpayers who file returns electronically, these in the filing format.
  • Redo their accounting records, in case of loss or destruction.

It should be noted that failure to comply with this requirement may lead to an infraction with a possible penalty by the Tax Administration (SAT).

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