Electronic Invoicing System in Bolivia

Electronic Invoicing System in Bolivia

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By means of Regulatory Resolution of the Board of Directors N°1018000026 dated November 20, 2018 of the National Tax Service – SIN, it is prepared to implement and regulate the Electronic Invoicing System which came into effect on March 1, 2019.

By means of Regulatory Resolution No. 10190000003 dated February 26, 2019, of the National Tax Service – SIN, it is preparing to modify RND No. 101800000026, the most important being the implementation date schedule for taxpayers or responsible third parties classified in groups. The following is the period of adaptation of the Electronic Invoicing System:


Implementation Date









By means of Regulatory Resolution of the Board of Directors N°10200000011 dated May 18, 2020 of the National Tax Service – SIN, the Board of Directors is preparing to repeal RND N°1018000026 and its subsequent amendments. The reasons for this repeal are that the Tax Administration has carried out an integral evaluation of the Electronic Invoicing System, evidencing the need to provide a regulation that is in line with the simplicity and operational easiness in the application and understanding of the legal system that refers to electronic invoicing, thus guaranteeing the principle of administrative simplicity of the Tax Policy. In addition, the current situation of the economy, aggravated by the COVID-19 health emergency that prevents the performance of economic activities on a regular basis, this Tax Administration has seen fit to leave it without effect.

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