Human Value Distinguished Us from Others

We have a specialist team in Transfer Pricing, highly trained and with extensive experience to execute projects that demand quality, precise delivery times and fully personalized service.
Our main strengths lie in knowledge, professionalism and discipline; similarly, we highlight the human values that make up our organization, being close to our clients to provide the best service.
Besides, we have access to the most important technological and statistical tools to meet the implicate challenges of organizations to properly comply with the documentation and analysis of their inter-company operations for this to be in line with the objectives financial statements drawn up by your organisation.
The quality of our service and the fact of keeping the objectives aligned with our clients, combined with our capacity and experience at the international level are the pillars that identify and differentiate us, being the key to our success; we are not afraid to go further to find new horizons that will lead us to ever more outstanding achievements.
If you require a high-level advisory team to meet any Transfer Pricing requirement, count on us and our Leading Team, who will work in hand with your staff to drive noticeable improvements in Planning, Determination and Execution of Transfer Prices in your organization.

Our team

Carlos Vargas Alencastre – EN

CEO de TPC Group

Magaly Casasola Castro

Transfer Pricing Manager

Luis Tuesta Mestanza

Senior Transfer Pricing Consultant

Carlos Eduardo Vargas Arango


Brando Verde

Senior Transfer Pricing Consultant

Renato Alejandro Seminario Otayza

Senior Tax Consultant

Laura Oré Salazar

Transfer Pricing Supervisor

Jaime Barrantes