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In this environment and given the growing need of organizations to document, plan, determine and execute their Transfer Pricing, TPC Group (formerly TP Consultants), Network International specializing in Transfer Pricing, was founded. Formed by strategic partners in Latin America and Spain, as well as local and international multidisciplinary specialists.

ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Documenter: is a 100% web-based solution for searching comparable companies and developing the organization of Transfer Pricing Studies.

Thomson Reuters databases offer global coverage of public (listed in stock markets) and private companies in a single integrated solution.

The TR Fundamentals database includes more than 75,000 listed companies from more than 110 countries. All information is taken from public sources such as the SEC annual reports and 10 Ks.

RoyaltyRange is an up-to-date and reliable database of royalty rates, loan interest rates and service rates drawn from public licensing agreements. This information is used in transfer pricing analysis, purchase price allocation (PPA), valuation of intangibles and due diligence related to litigation, business development, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions.

Veritrade is a digital platform for foreign trade in Latin America and the world, which gathers reports from customs to provide information on importers, exporters, countries of origin and destination, transportation routes, volumes, amounts, inter alia, for a given product, undertaking or market