Our Firm

The current highly dynamic and unpredictable corporate environment presents economic groups and multinational organizations with significant challenges in planning and documenting their inter-company pricing policies.
In this sense, tax authorities around the world have established increasingly strict regulations on Transfer Pricing to avoid double taxation (DTAA) effects and for corporate groups to generate fair taxable bases in the country that the benefit originates, thanks to the capital flow tactics and strategies of multinational organisations that are increasingly sophisticated and aggressive.
In this context, the audits related to Transfer Pricing are becoming more and more strict, mainly in the case of cross-border trading that has expanded exponentially, which requires multilateral economic groups and multinational corporations to record their operations with Related Parties to comply with the «arm’s length principle».
In response to organizations growing need to document, plan, determine and execute their Transfer Pricing, TPC Group was founded as a global Transfer Pricing Firm.
We have Societies incorporated in most of the countries of North America, Central America, South America and Spain, as well as local and international multidisciplinary specialists.
For more than 16 years, TPC Group has been supporting our clients’ success towards the fulfilment of the transfer pricing regulations and standards in each jurisdiction.
We have a deep fiscal and legal knowledge on Transfer Pricing and International Taxation, which added to our international presence, allows us to provide first-rate solutions anywhere in the world and according to the needs of each company and/or global economic group.

Carlos Vargas Alencastre