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In the current context, companies have the vision and purpose of being successful in their branch. Globalization is therefore a key aspect in the business world because of the growing need to enter new markets, better serve customers and access a more efficient cost structure; which are some of the reasons why a company decides to have operations in more than one jurisdiction.

Global trends show a common priority for government economies: attracting more investment to increase the tax base and increase tax revenues to reduce fiscal deficits. Therefore, a common practice used by different countries, with the aim of attracting investment, is the reduction of income tax rates.

In this context, tax authorities around the world are creating a series of regulatory tools to be able to control the activities of companies, such as: tax incentives, treaties to avoid double taxation, transfer pricing rules and now the BEPS project (erosion of bases and transfer of profits). For this reason, the regulations on transfer prices are increasingly strict in order to avoid the effects of double non-taxation and so that corporate groups generate a fair tax base for the tax authorities of each country, since the organisations’ capital flow tactics and strategies are increasingly sophisticated and aggressive.

TPC Group (formerly TP Consultants), International Transfer Pricing Network, is therefore formed. Formed by a network of strategic partners in Latin America and Spain, it has a team of highly trained specialists in transfer pricing, with access to the most important information tools to meet the challenges that it entails for organizations to properly comply with the documentation and analysis of their inter-company operations, and that this is aligned with their financial objectives laid out.

TPC Group is concerned with forming a team with each client, since we understand that it is essential to have a reliable corporate service at the regional level, which will allow us to understand its environment and needs to generate excellent results. For more than 14 years, our team has served as a critical support for the success of companies in meeting the Transfer Pricing regulations and standards imposed in each jurisdiction.

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