Technical study of Transfer Price


We offer councel for the compliance of the Legislation over Transfer Prices applicable to each country, we are in charge of the analysis and execution of all the stages that take part of the realization of the Technical Study of Transfer Price (TSTP), Offering a supporting complementary service after the delivery of this inform and when the Tax Authority request it or when an inspection process is performed. In our team we have the experience and knowledge to guide you in the survey process, presentation and backup of the information related to the transfer prices, with the aim of fulfill with the rulings of the Local Tax Administration. At the same time, we have experience in project execution at an international level, as we are members of a worldwide network, we share strategic experiences in matters of transfer prices at a broader level.

The process to the realization of the TSTP includes core business knowledge of the analyzed company, macroeconomic analysis and sectorial, analysis of the operations performed with connected or related parties, and finally, the development of the transfer price methodology applicable to each country.

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