Consultancy in Inspections


We give help to our clients to support their operations performed with related parties and/or residents in tax heaven in front of an eventual audit from the Tax Authority. Currently, it has taken an active posture regarding to the audits focused on the transfer prices.

The introduction of the Sworn Statement of the Transfer Prices made the Tax Administration, in a considerable way, easier the Access to the information about the operations that the taxpayers perform with related parties by using this one as a tool that permits to select the companies and transactions that could be inspected.

At the same time, the Tax Authority can either unknown or not share the criteria to determine the prices or profit margins due to the operations performed with related parties or tax heaven. For this reason, the support we offer in front of this eventuality, with experts in the subject with different jobs (lawyers, economists, accountants, administrators, etc.), assure a proper defense of your company position.

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