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In the year 2006, it was born in Peru the obligation of presenting information related to the Transfer Prices. For that reason, the firm Vargas Alencastre, García & Asociados – Firm Member of the Geneva Group International (GGI) – created the department of Transfer Prices, which is specialized not only in the elaboration and declaration of transfer prices, but also in the counsel of the inter-connected operations, without putting aside planning.

During the following years, the GGI members belonging to LATAM region, have been backed up with the counsel offered from Peru, as it is the only one which has not only the area itself but also the knowledge, specialization and international database. All this is necessary for this type of service.

In this way, in the year 2011, the consulting company TPC Group was created. This is the one that currently leads and manages the Project in the region. It is present in all Latin America and Spain, advising companies from different economic sectors.

Nowadays, we are an international net specialized in Transfer Prices, and the experience gotten in each country has let us understand the surrounding and needs of all type of company, no matter the subject, sector or country it is located. This has generated excellent results.

Our Services
The focus of the study is based to identify the functions, risks and transactional analysis that companies incure to comply the regulations of transfer pricing, also achieve with the informative sworn statement. Within the development of the service, will be identify, if necessary and through external comparators, to companies that incure similar functions and risks to be able to perform comparability on the basis of the OECD Guidelines for price studies.
Our service includes supporting to the companies to make and present the Anual Transfer Pricing statement, according to the legislation of each country. The taxpayer, who during the analysis period, celebrate transactions with related parties and / or are obliged to apply transfer pricing rules, have to inform the tax administration of such transactions in compliance with the “arm’s lenght principle”.
Actually, is highly recommendable that when it is planned to carry out transactions with related parties, it should be planned whether such operations will comply with the market value principle (Arms Length). With this we can prevent any future contingency and above all, be able to analyze any scenario that allows fiscal savings.
The Tax Administration may ignore or not share the criterion for determining the prices of operations that have been carried out with related parties or tax havens, so support for this eventuality with experts in the field of different professions (lawyers, economists, accountants , administrators) ensures an adequate defense of the position of the company.
TPC Group Argentina


Since the year 2014, TPC Group has had an Alliance with Geneva Consulting Group Argentina S.A. ( It is a consulting firm located in Buenos Aires that offers economic, financial, business, fiscal and legal counsel.

In Argentina, the regulations of Transfer Prices were incorporated to the legislation of the Income Tax through the law 25063 in December 1998. In the year 2013, the Tax Authority modified the methodology of its documentation, so that it demands the Transfer Price study to be presented electronically.

At the same time, for the fiscal year2014, it was introduced a “Relation of connected parties” for the taxpayers and/or the responsible people who account on the related parties resident in Argentina or abroad. Additionally, it was established a monthly report diagram for those who must register in the “Relation of connected parties” in which it is reported the transactions that took place in the domestic market with related parties.

In the last years, the Argentinian Tax Authority has taken an active posture regarding to the audits in matters of transfer prices, which has led in several sentences in the fiscal court.

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