Technological Support


The databases used, in any analysis of Transfer Pricing, are fundamental to provide the technical support required by the local tax administrations and international organization. That´s why TPC Group has been worried with obtain databases recognized worldwide and covering all level of consulting:


A database developed by Bureau Van Dijk Electronic Publishing (BvDEP) contains information on approximately 80,000 companies from more than 140 countries, mainly classified as following: 12,600 from North America, 11,300 from Europe, 13,500 from Asia. The data included in this database are provided by international firms such as: Fitch Ratings, Reuters, World‘Vest Base, among others.

Latin America and USA database; contains information on foreign trade, customs reports on importer – exporter, products and details of the following countries: Peru,
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, China, India, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay and USA.

Source of information for the analysis of intangible operations, identification of royalty rates, commissions, and valuation of intangible assets, among others.

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