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The current business surrounding, highly dynamic and unpredictable, presents multinational organizations with important challenges in planning and documentation of their intercompany price policies. In this sense, the fiscal authorities around the world have established regulations even moe severe in matters of Transfer Price, with the aim of avoiding effects of double no taxation so that the corporate groups generate fair taxable incomes in the country where the benefit is originated, as the tactics and strategies of the capital flow of the multinational organizations are even more sophisticated and aggressive.

In this context, the audits related to Transfer Price are even more rigorous, fundamentally dealing with the cross-border commerce which has extended in an exponential way. The one which demands the multinational companies to document their operations with related parties with the aim of fulfilling the «full competition principle».

In this surrounding and facing the organizations’ growing need to document, plan, determine and carry out their Transfer Prices, TPC Group was born. An International Network Specialized in Transfer Prices. Consisted of strategic partners in Latin America and Spain, as well as local and international multidisciplinary specialists.

For more than 13 years, we have served as support for our customers’ success in front of the compliance of the rules and regulations of Transfer prices imposed in each jurisdiction.

TPC Group has a deep fiscal and legal knowledge in matters of Transfer Prices and International Taxation, which, in addition to our international presence, let us offer first level solutions wherever you are and in accordance with your company’s needs.

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