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In the current context, companies have the vision and purpose of being successful in their branch. For this reason, globalization is a fundamental aspect in the business world due to the growing need to enter new markets, offer a better customers’ service and access a more efficient cost structure; which are some of the reasons why a company decides to have operations in more than one jurisdiction.

Worldwide trends show a common priority for government economies: attracting more investment to increase the taxpayer base and increase tax revenues to reduce fiscal deficits. Therefore, a common practice used by different countries, with the aim of attracting investment, is the reduction of income tax rates.

In this context, tax authorities around the world are creating a series of regulatory tools to control corporate activities, such as: tax incentives, treaties to avoid double taxation, regulations in matters of transfer prices and nowadays, the BEPS project (The erosion of the bases and the transfer of benefits). As a result, transfer price regulations are increasingly more stringent with the aim of avoiding effects of double non- taxation and so that, corporate groups generate fair taxable bases for the tax authorities in each country, as the tactics and strategies of the organizations’ Capital flow are becoming more sophisticated and aggressive.

That is why TPC Group is born, International Network Specialized in Transfer Prices. Conformed by a network of strategic partners in Latin America and Spain. It has a team of highly trained specialists in matters of transfer prices, with access to the most important information tools to meet the challenges of organizations to comply adequately with the documentation and analysis of their intercompany operations, and that all this goes aligned with their financial goals.

TPC Group is concerned to form a team with each customer, as we understand that it is essential to have a reliable and corporate service at the regional level, which will allow us to understand their environment and needs to generate excellent results. For more than 13 years, our team has served as a fundamental support for the success of companies against compliance with the regulations and rules of Transfer Prices imposed in each jurisdiction.


Provide specialized services in matters of transfer prices with a team of highly trained professionals who use the most up-to-date technological tools, allowing our customers to get the most benefit from the projects they entrust to us.


To be the leading Consultant Network in Latin America and Spain with high standards of technical quality and enhancing the human factor of our members, which contribute to achieve the objectives of our customers, team of collaborators and society in general.

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